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Our Children’s Academy

(8 miles from midtown Manhattan)

 (201) 313-8818

Programs: Pre-K

Our Pre-K is a structured classroom with teacher-directed activities that prepare the children for Kindergarten. We provide a weekly themed curriculum, like Space, Animals, etc, along with a daily routine. During circle time, children begin to discuss the theme with their teacher and establish more cohesive thoughts and ideas, as well as their own opinions. Children at this stage learn through play and are increasingly independent, so the classroom is set-up with various learning centers such as the Science Center, Math Center, Writing Center, and Dramatic Play area.

Our Pre-K Children:

  • Nap at the same time on mats, with dimmed lights and calming music
  • Eat on a classroom schedule, school-provided breakfast, lunch, and two snacks (request sample monthly menu here)