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Our Children’s Academy

(8 miles from midtown Manhattan)

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We are dedicated to building relationships with our parents - a diverse mix of professionals from Edgewater, northern New Jersey, and the New York metro area.  We believe that a successful center encourages parents to become active members of the daycare and preschool community, to the extent that busy schedules allow.  Open communication with the teachers and our directors is an important part of daily operations, and parent/teacher conferences for even the youngest students allow us to stay in step with all aspects of growth and development. We also provide written reports about each child’s food, drink, diapers/toilet, and activities every day.

The safety of our students is an important part of our services, and our strict measures include the following (see more on the "Facility" page):

  • All visitors and parents must be buzzed into the building.
  • A front-desk receptionist greets each visitor and parent and confirms identification.
  • Double sets of locked doors separate the reception and staff offices (open automatically in case of fire alarm).
  • CCTV cameras survey both outside and inside perimeters.
  • Each classroom is monitored by office staff throughout the day via video feed; parents are welcome to view the footage from the office at any time.

Parents are encouraged to e-mail or call the facility any time during open hours with questions, comments, or feedback.