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Our Children’s Academy

(8 miles from midtown Manhattan)

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OCA was built specifically in line with our ideal of a new daycare center.  In addition to handpicked materials, we have a dedicated, pristine space for preparing student meals, an open director’s office in the front hallway to encourage frequent communication with parents and staff, and an open and bright feel throughout with high ceilings and light colors (made even better with student art throughout the seasons!).  We also have an enclosed outdoor play area at the back of the center for use in warmer weather.

We adhered to the strictest NJDOB and N.J. State Childcare Division building codes.  Given our vision for the center, we went above and beyond these codes to provide a safe, secure and welcoming environment for all. 

We are proud to share a number of our building’s qualities that meet and exceed state standards:

a)    A multi-level security system -

  •  Magnetic locks in the front entrance.
  •  Secondary double safety doors with card swipes and magnetic locks.
  •  Rear door to the playground that can only be re-entered with an authorized card swipe.
  •  ProCare child care software to monitor and track the arrivals and departures of our children. 
  •  Biometric scanners are used in conjunction with this software (as well as visual id by our receptionist) for added security for pickups, drop-offs, as well as admittance into the school.
  •  32 HD surveillance cameras throughout the facility (both inside and outside) that record 24/7 and are monitored internally through two 55” LED’s located in the main offices.
  •  Panic buttons located in the director’s office.
  •  24/7 fire and burglary alarm monitoring.

b)    The 4 A/C rooftop units are all high-efficiency Carrier units with MERV 8 eco-friendly pleated filters installed.

c)    State of the art air filtration system made by TopTech that helps to clean and eliminate odors and germs from the facility.

o   Combination of UV (Ultraviolet) / PHI (Air Purification System – Photohydroionization (PHI) Technology.

d)    Honeywell touch screen thermostats with remote reading thermostats for the A/C and heating systems.

e)    All wall sockets are UL Listed Tamper Resistant (TR) for additional safety.

f)      All lights are eco-friendly, energy efficient fluorescents that are controlled by a series of state of the art Lutron wireless and dimmable wall switches.

g)    Motion detection controls for lights in all bathrooms to conserve energy.

h)    Armstrong-engineered red oak floors throughout a majority of the facility.

i)      Xlerator heated hand dryers in all bathrooms throughout the facility.

j)      All glass is Tempered (not a state requirement for the vision panels in room B&D, but we choose to use them anyway.)

k)    Opted to install commercial grade tempered full-glass doors throughout the facility.

l)      Added a dedicated Panasonic exhaust system to the infant room changing station.

m)  Commercial high-efficiency 100 gallon model boiler.

n)    Commercial-grade appliances in kitchen.

o)    Dedicated, comfortably appointed staff lounge for breaks.

p)    Filtered water drinking fountains located in all classrooms with a custom cross-contamination barrier installed.