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Our Children’s Academy

(8 miles from midtown Manhattan)

 (201) 313-8818

Programs: Infant

For our infants, each child follows a schedule provided by the parent to maintain consistency between daycare and the home environment.  We respect the need for tummy-time, frequent diaper changes, and lots of laughter and cuddles.  This is also a time that can be hardest for the parent, and we work with closely to make you comfortable, talk daily about your child’s development and needs, and provide a loving environment.

We stimulate our youngest children through:

  • Socialization with other infants
  • Toys, games and activities that promote sensory and physical development (stacking toys, mirrors, playmats, exersaucers, and more)
  • Music played in the classroom  
  • Plenty of space to explore, with mats and toys that are appropriate for crawlers, and cruisers, too!

Our infants:

  • Nap in individual cribs on baby’s schedule (each child is given one crib only for the duration of their stay in this room; parents are welcome to provide mobiles and special bedding)
  • Lights are dimmed for calm/quiet time, calming music is played
  • Eat on their schedule, parent-provided meals