For our infants, each child follows the schedule that is provided by the parent. As the premier daycare center in Edgewater, we also prepare toys, games and activities that promote sensory and physical development. Additionally your child will have space for tummy time and to crawl when they are ready to explore. 
Our Children's Academy Programs
At Our Children's Academy, we recogize that children need to develop specific skills durng each stage of early childhood development. With this in mind, our experienced teachers have created age-appropriate curriculum for every age group. 
For the toddler group, we provide a weekly themed curriculum in addition to a daily routine which consists of age-appropriate activities designed by the childcare head teacher. At the toddler stage, children are walking, learning to be independent and mastering the important gross and fine motor skills. Toddlers will enjoy sensory centers, art centers, reading centers, and pretend centers. 
For our pre-k group, we provide a weekly themed curriculum along with a daily routine, which consists of age-appropriate preschool activities designed by the head teacher. Children at this stage learn through play, so the classroom is set-up with various learning centers to give your child a head start when kindergarten begins. 
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Enrichment Classes
Cultural Enrichment classes will also be offered. Children can currently choose from art class, yoga session, gymnastic movement and music academy. 
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